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Stadlens, London
21 October 2011
Good work The Duo xx
janina connecticut
21 October 2011
hello Pol, what a lovely website.I think it is distinguished and elegant comme toi! Much love and a big hug from Piglet
Karen, Chicago
21 October 2011
Dear Imogen, If I didn't know better, I'd call it "splendid." Really well-done and great photos. Happy travels. . . still hearing raves about your last here. Love, Karen
Irene Brendel New York
21 October 2011
Dearest Imogen, A beautiful, smart website with wonderful photos. Be well, enjoy Japan and see you around Christmas Much love Reni
Caves, London
21 October 2011
What a marvellous site! Love the pictures (especially IC - no comment!). Enjoy Japan. love Caves
Katya Apekisheva
21 October 2011
Dear Imogen, fantastic website! very classy! Hope to see you really soon. Katya Apekisheva
Sue (London)
21 October 2011
Beautiful and classy website, as befits its owner. Have a big success in Japan and enjoy the best sushi in the world. Lots of love Sue
Thomas Mowrey - New York
21 October 2011
Terrific site! All the best for happy times in Japan, with many lucky listeners. Tom
Leo & Mini (Cheltenham)
15 October 2011
Hello, We hope you have a lovely time in Japan! Wish we could be there at the same time as Mini's home city is Osaka. What a great website! much love Leo & Mini