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Michael Mroton-Evans Sydney
17 March 2012
As a regular presenter on Sydney's 2MBS FM 102.5, also streaming 24 hours a day on the web at, I play a lot of your disks and programme them whenever I can. When are you coming to Sydney again?
16 December 2011
I just want to thank you for the yesterday's performance in the Sage and express a hope that the recording of Ravel's piano concerto in G will eventually be released as a CD - I simply want to hear this margic again!
Imogen, Groningen
7 December 2011
Dear Marjan and Jelle, such a heart-warming message! I read it in the interval and came out for Brahms and Schumann newly energized, for which I thank you! looked for you after but could not see you? warm seasonal wishes to you and thank you for writing, Imogen
Marjan Bijl, Groningen, Netherlands
7 December 2011
Thanks to your wonderful, tailor-made website we now have the opportunity to tell you more or less directly how happy we are to have you here again with us in Groningen (despite the beastly weather, sorry for that). It is an occasion we’ve longed for for a long time and we are grateful that you saw fit to ‘plug us in’ into your packed diary. You will find your greatest fans present here tonight. We obviously adore you (continued)...
Marjan Bijl, Groningen, Netherlands
7 December 2011
…and just when you might think: ‘mm, more fan talk’ we can assure you that the adoration we feel for you as a person, pianist, musician, goes beyond that. The deep impression you made continues after the performance has ended and the cds have stopped spinning. It has become part and parcel of our life, it’s there all the time, and we thank you for that and for all you have given us. Wishing you all the best.
paul herruer, groningen
4 December 2011
Dear Imogen nice to see you back in Groningen after quite a few years. Then I joined you in supper after the concert and I'll pay my compliments and say hell next week after you have emerged from the dress room-catacombs in Groningen. Kind regards Paul Herruer
IC, Tokyo/London
24 October 2011
Thank you everyone! really heartwarming to read you all as I dash round Japan! love to all Imogen
Charles Owen
24 October 2011
Dearest Imo, Many congratulations on the launch of your terrific new site! It is beautifully designed, elegant and informative. Your fans can now follow your concerts and news in earnest! Wishing you every success and much love, Charles
Elise Smith
23 October 2011
Dear Imo, Your new website is marvelous. xox Elise PS We look forward to seeing you at the MozartFest in Bath.