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Walter Winterfeldt, Ossining, New York
19 September 2012
Dear Ms. Cooper, I am enjoying your great artistry on the Philips CD set "Imogen Cooper and Friends". I look forward to hearing you in person in a New York recital or perhaps in Philadelphia next year. All best wishes, Walter Winterfeldt
Timothy G. Weir, Indiana, USA
3 August 2012
Ms. Cooper, I discovered your soul-enriching artistry through the recent Schubert series and continued to collect your available Mozart concertos and solo repertoire. I sincerely hope that Avie will continue recording you, as you are a treasure in my musical life!
Hugo and Henriette Kerr, Witney, uk
2 July 2012
Your discography does not list the six schubert sonata collection - they are wonderful, and it should! Thank you for hundreds of hours of intense pleasure.
18 June 2012
The Schubert at the Angelika Hall yesterday was sublime. You caught us by the throat and carried us between light and dark with an assurance that left this listener, at least, weeping helplessly at certain moments. Even though the meeting was brief yesterday, thank you thank you for it. I went on listening long after the concert was over and the conversation continued in my dreams. Love always
Mayya Girard
26 April 2012
Dear Imogen, tonight I had the best moments of my musical life with you listening to your interpretation of Chopin's ballade. Thank you so much. Mayya
Mike Hood Johannesburg
17 April 2012
Hi I got to know your work through the disc you recorded for the bbc music magazine. I think your recording of the Schumann Humoresque is the finest I have ever heard. It is such a subtle work and you do a magnificent job.
Michael Mroton-Evans Sydney
17 March 2012
As a regular presenter on Sydney's 2MBS FM 102.5, also streaming 24 hours a day on the web at, I play a lot of your disks and programme them whenever I can. When are you coming to Sydney again?
16 December 2011
I just want to thank you for the yesterday's performance in the Sage and express a hope that the recording of Ravel's piano concerto in G will eventually be released as a CD - I simply want to hear this margic again!
Imogen, Groningen
7 December 2011
Dear Marjan and Jelle, such a heart-warming message! I read it in the interval and came out for Brahms and Schumann newly energized, for which I thank you! looked for you after but could not see you? warm seasonal wishes to you and thank you for writing, Imogen