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Jonathan Koe, New York
22 April 2013
Dear Ms. Cooper, As a young pianist absolutely fascinated and wanting to devote my life to the study of Schubert's music, your work has provided assurance that not only is it possible, but worthwhile. Your recording of D. 894 and D. 960 are the beacon of my days and I hope you always continue to play your heart out. It's a privilege to have found your work.
Jan Anward, Stockholm, Sweden
22 January 2013
Dear Imogen, (we barbarian egalitarian Swedish use only first names) tipped off by Peter Robinson (Before the Poison, if I recall correctly), I bought your three Schubert live records. They have enriched my life. In particular, the three last piano sonatas have an unrivalled emotional complexity, and it comes across so beautifully in your interpretations. Thank you! Jan (Jan Anward)
Alan Harris, Novi, MI USA
5 January 2013
Dear Ms. Cooper, the moment it became available for download, I purchased your new Schumann-Brahms recording on Chandos. It is truly wonderful. Also, we have something in common besides our love of great music: I was also born on Aug. 28, two years to the day after you.
D Bai Newcastle upon Tyne
10 December 2012
Dear Professor Cooper : You alongside Mr. Lewis both provided the amazing concert 8th the Sheldonian theatre Oxford. the perfect harmony - like nuclear magnetic resonance from the master pianists made quality time for the audience. Cherish memory one of the best music related things ever happened to me. Love Schubert! So lucky to be able to appreciate your concert hope could listen again
Regis Rimaud, Germany
2 December 2012
Merci! I have recently discovered your performance with Paul Lewis on the Fantasy in F, it is so highly emotionally loaded, it is just pure pleasure to listen!!! I have probably listened it more than 50 times over the last weeks...
Paul Adams, Bristol
1 December 2012
I was at your concert of duets last night with Paul Lewis at St.Georges, Bristol. What a wonderful experience. I have never enjoyed hearing duets as much before. The chemistry between you you both produced an evening never to be forgotten. Thank you so much. Please come back to Bristol again.
L. Bruser Bremerton, WA, USA
26 November 2012
Ms. Cooper: Today I heard your live concert performance of the Schubert B flat sonata, (from 2005?). It was the first one I ever heard that sounded like one coherent work with four movements, instead of four separate unrelated pieces. I see you studied with Alfred Brendel; among other things you must have learned how not to play that sonata.
Choi Man Kit and the University of York
13 October 2012
I was one of the audience in your recent concert in Sir Jack Concert Hall. I was impressed by your mature performance. I am looking for a well qualified piano teacher who is enough to teach the level of FTCL Trinity College London. Do you teach at York? If not, do you know any piano teacher in York who suits my need? (better to be graduated from or worked in Royal Academy of music London) Thanks!
Martin Edwards, London
4 October 2012
Dear Ms. Cooper, I was at the lunchtime concert today at LSO St Luke's. I have often heard you perform on Radio 3 but this was the first time I had seen you play 'live'. I was seated in the 2nd. row so I had a perfect view of you. The Schubert E flat Piano Trio D929 was just gorgeous. Thankyou so much. I hope I shall hear you again soon. Best wishes.