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Els, Hengelo, the Netherlands
1 November 2013
Dear Mrs. Cooper, for my mothers 80th birthday we went to your concert in the Deventer. What a marvellous performance you gave. We enjoyed it so very much. My mother had a wonderful evening. We were all so touched by the way you performed these wonderful pieces. It was stunning, moving and touching every nerve in our body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Els
Rev. Dr. David Gottlieb
14 October 2013
Dear Ms. Cooper: Minneapolis and St. Paul were blessed by your recital recently playing the final trilogy of the last Schubert sonatas. I loved your playing and sense of complete control and mastery of the keyboard. These last three sonatas are special to me as I sense Schubert probably knew of his impending demise and yet transcended it. Bless you and please come again to the Twin Cities.
Paul Woodcock
13 October 2013
I am going to a piano recital in November by Richard Lewis. Sad to say, the last piano recital I attended was when I was a student back in either 1979 or 1980 and I mentioned to my wife that it was by a brilliant upcoming pianist called Imogen Cooper. I have never forgotten the experience and am so glad to have discovered how your career blossomed. Hoping to attend a concert soon. Paul Woodcock
John Danzl Minneapolis
10 October 2013
Imogen, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience in St. Paul this past Sunday. Schubert's late music is so profound and you brought that to life. I have seen a great many performances in my years, the experience I felt in your playing is rare. I also saw your interaction with the attendees after the concert. I was sitting on your left, selling CDs. You are such a gracious person. Thanks!
john humphreys
4 September 2013
Lovely recital from Chipping Campden Imogen on 03/09/13...thank you. Schubert's C minor Sonata, D.958 could not (and probably has not) received a finer performance. Total commitment, musical honesty and fiery technique everywhere evident.
Mark Johnson, UK
9 August 2013
Dear Imogen, my family and I saw you (for the first time) at Snape Maltings in August 2013 with Christiane Stotijn. You were both enchanting and deeply moving. What a treat! Please return some time to Suffolk.
Roy Palmer, London
4 July 2013
Dear Dr Cooper I was at Wigmore Hall on Tuesday for your recital - it was superb. Thank you so much. It is exceptionally rare to be able to perform Schubert not just well but superbly; the shifts in mood, the necessary shaping and architecture of long works requires very special understanding and maturity. Your recital was most thoroughly enjoyed, thank you. All good wishes Roy Palmer
Jim/Santa Fe/USA
2 July 2013
Dear Madame Cooper: You are a revelation to me! I have only lately encountered your recordings of the Schubert recitals in London and have spent many recreative hours listening to your music. Such elegance!!! Now, after listening to Pollini for years playing the Chopin Ballade in G-minor, I see you have lately included in recital -- well! We must have it on disc. Please make a Chopin CD!
Michael Sackin, Leicetser
27 June 2013
Absolutely stunning Schubert concert in Leicester this evening! I can't believe Ive ecer got as much out of any of the iterms before. Thank you so much. Perhaps Tessa and I should have said Hello afterwards. I'm shy!!