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Donato Morselli.Professore al Conservatorio di Mantova (Italy
14 March 2015
Complimenti vivissimi per l' incredibile e meravigliosa esecuzione della Fantasia in fa minore a 4 mani di Schubert....Mai sentito una esecuzione così di questo brano....bravissima!!! (And your friend)
Séverine Switzerland
8 March 2015
Dear Imogen, Your concert in Fribourg yesterday was fabulous. I had never heard someone playing the piano like this before. I was deeply touched by your concert and also by your smile and your gentleness during the signing session. It was beautiful to hear you saying to a young girl - very much impressed by you - to play the piano with one's heart. Thanks for this wonderful evening. Séverine
Victoria Johansen, Oxford
4 January 2015
Dear Imogen, in the summer of 1956 I stayed for a week with your family in St John's Wood. I was at school with your sister, Josephine. I remember that we asked you to sit under the piano and played random notes, which you immediately identified. I was amazed and impressed then, and I am still. I live in Oxford and heard you play a while ago at the Sheldonian. You are an amazing woman.
Julia Rickard Melbourne
2 September 2014
Dear Miss Cooper, My husband spoke to you last Saturday evening in Melbourne. He told you that my Bechstein was almost as loud as your Steinway, and that I didn't like Schumann... I wasn't familiar with the Fantasiestucke or much of the Kreisleriana. Thank you so much for opening my ears to these beautiful works, and to your playing, and for the great pleasure you gave John. Julia Rickard
Stephen Shanasy, Melbourne
27 August 2014
Schubert's B-flat last night in Melbourne was simply overwhelming. After only a few bars, I welled up and cried as if we were hearing Schubert play this wonderful piece himself! The master class today showed your pedagogue expertise, humility and humour - in spades. Bravo! Please return soon.
Alistair White, Jindalee
23 August 2014
Have just listened to the direct broadcast of your Sydney Concert. A wonderful experience, the Schubert sonata was just profound. Cannot wait to hear you in Brisbane tomorrow night. Cheers Alistair White
Bernard Syvester. Guiting Power
4 August 2014
Thank you for the most , most wonderful Concert performed in our village Hall in Guiting Power
Glenn Lambertz, New York
29 June 2014
To say your mastery of the keyboard does justice and honor to Mozart is the understatement of the decade! We'll be listening live in an upcoming concert.
Sally; Cleveland, Ohio
25 April 2014
I was so fortunate to hear you perform the Beethoven concerto with the Cleveland Orchestra. What sensitive and beautiful musicianship you display! All passages - both the amazing rapid ones and the thoughtful slow movement - demonstrate your musical accomplishments and communicative mastery. Thank you so much!