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Christine Waters, Babson Park, FL USA
9 June 2017
I've just been introduced to you via the Berlin Philharmonic concerts which I stream. What a marvelous performance of the Mozart Concerto in C ! Your timing is impeccable and you play with such sensitivity. What a joy to hear you. Now, I'll be looking for other appearances and recordings ! Thank you.
Astrid Maier
3 June 2017
Dear Mrs. Cooper! I don't known if you are remembering me but I am the woman who turned twice the pages when you were performing two song recitals together with Wolfgang Holzmair in Deutschlandsberg. I am presently on a visit in Berlin and had the great pleasure to hear you today evening in the Philharmonie. I must write you how much I enjoyed your sensitiv playing.Thank you very much.
Garth Pauley, Grand Rapids, MI
22 March 2017
Your recent Schumann CDs are wonderful! Do I hope in vain that you'll record the Symphonic Etudes, too? In any case, thank you for sharing your musical gifts.
Imogen Cooper
10 January 2017
Happy New Year to everyone who has written in my Visitorsâ?? Book! I really appreciate your messages and thank you all for writing. May this year be peaceful and safe, but also with lots of exciting surprises. I hope to see you separately if I come to your city! All best, Imogen
28 October 2016
Huge thank for a wonderful Malvern Concert Club evening when it was wonderful to meet you again (with M&C) after so many years.
Anna Grudzien, PORTLAND Oregon
10 October 2016
THANKS. With wonder, how much life you help us hide in music. With gratitude, how much music we can hear when we set on a journey with you, and your voice. Dear Imogen, how about a trip to Oregon. It would be an honor to welcome you with open hearts, over here. Perhaps through Portland Piano International. Perhaps through good will which dwells over there. Over here with ever growing delight.
Tessa Huigens
11 September 2016
Dear Madam I hear you playing Beethoven 1st piano concerto on Dutch radio 4 thank you for giving me so much pleasure in hearing that fantastic music, played by you; yours sincerely, Tessa (81)
Marjan Bijl Groningen, Netherlands
16 May 2016
Dear Imogen, Your new Chopin CD is exquisite. Perfection and warmth to the very last note. Such a joy!. And what a beautiful piano. J. Dear Imogen, Just a few words about the new Chopin release. The way you open the Polonaise-fantaisie is absolutely breathtaking.... What a beautiful promise for the beautiful story that is to be told. Thank you for again giving us such a magnificent and impressive recording!. W: Thank you so much for this wonderful Chopin CD. I was especially moved by the nocturne Op 27 no 2, which is one of my favourites. I strongly hope that in the near future you will give a Chopin recital in Groningen. M.: I've been off Chopin for many years, tired of wanting to hear what the full beauty and potency of Chopin's music can be but more often than not not hearing it despite the phenomenal talents spent on it. Now with your new recording it feels like coming home. Little did I know that I had a home in heaven. May the spirit and the grandeur of your new recording hover over the hopes and aspirations of all the partakers of your Music Trust scolarshipholders - week. We wish you a lovely time. Jelle Kat, Wilja Havinga Marjan Bijl Groningen, Holland  
Hillary Brown, Riverdale, NY
11 May 2016
So sorry to have missed your NYC concert!! It's been a long time!