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Dear Imogen, Your website is great. The first photo of the collection (the one entitled "no comment") is charming. I'm so glad you came to my "Paradise" in Cala Montjoi near Roses in Catalonia. The soiree at Patricia's and Bryan's home was really enjoyable and your interpretation of Chopin's Polonaise Fantaisie in A flat op. 61 is unforgetable. I hope to see you soon again. Oriol.
Oriol Galí - Roses, Catalonia
15 September 2015
Dear Imogen, I attended your recital on the opening night of 22nd Piano Festival in Singapore...the most fantastic Schubert piano sonata in A major (D959) ever heard! Thank you!
ChinHwei Singapore
30 June 2015
Un breve, bonito y cariñoso "concierto" en Roses (Cala Montjoi 28-junio-2015). Todo un placer. Saludos. Tere y Francesc.
Tere / Roses - Spain
28 June 2015
Dear Imogen, Thank you for coming north to Aldborough and the Festivals opening concert.The highlight of my year to hear and see you playing Schubert, and Schumann,so brilliantly,as the music soared and filled the height of the church you cast a spell of pure delight and joy. Your' programme was so perfect,just like the June evening. Best wishes, Margaret
Margaret Codling, Helmsley yorks
15 June 2015
Hi! I've been Imogen Cooper concert in Seattle on 7 May, and I've been amazed. I am a young pianist from Argentina, and I wonder if Cooper Master teaches courses, master classes and seminars. From already very grateful!
Javier Mas, Buenos Aires, Argentina@javiermas
22 May 2015
Imogen, your playing last night in the two Schubert piano trios was electric, and note perfect as far as I could tell (though these are way beyond my paltry pianistic skills, so I won't be attempting them any time soon). I was genuinely surprised at how virtuosic these works were - for the piano at least - and the subtlety of phrasing that you managed to craft into every theme. What a star! Tim
Tim Davies
17 May 2015
Dear Imogen, I heard your brodcast of Schubert, and I want you to know how happy it made me. You played beautifully. Love, Martin
Martin Lovett, London
16 May 2015
You're such a wonderful artist. Thank you for sharing yourself with me last night at the Seattle Symphony.
Gerald Kurfurst USA
8 May 2015