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Peter Manzoni Woodbridge
5 October 2018
 Hi Imogen, I haven't seen you for forty years. Lindsay Duguid brought you to dinner at my mother's house in Streatham. I last saw you at a Ravel recital in the Wigmore in about 1986. Thank you so much for your unforgettable D 958 : you were exhausted by the end of it. I'm playing op 90 no 3 tomorrow in the Suffolk Festival. Not easy but Schubert sustains me. Peter Manzoni
Carmen Callil
18 April 2018
 I have just booked tickets for your concert on June 26 at The Wigmore Hall. So enjoyed meeting you...
James, London
23 March 2018
My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of catching you at Kings Place last year (or was it the year before...) playing Mozart's Jeunehomme. I'm somewhat of an aficionado of this work and your recording of it is the one I invariably return to. No one else seems to play with your level of delicacy and nuance in phrasing. Please think about touring this or some other Mozart concertos again soon :)
John Haynes, Northamptonshire
17 March 2018
 Drove 100 miles to hear your recital tonight (17th March) and, as ever, it was wonderful. Going straight from the Anderson piece into the Liszt was inspired! Dare we hope that you may record the Beethoven and Haydn Variations? Finally, we were sitting in the balcony, and could not hear your encore announcement, so would be grateful if you could confirm what it was.
richard johnson
7 March 2018
 Thank you for coming to Seattle, we attended your concert 2/6/18 at Meany Hall. Sorry it wasn't a full house. Not everyone knows of your great recordings including the Schubert sonatas. I loved the great Haydn Sonata you played, which seemed to reflect his great joy in life in spite of all he had to overcome,
philip black
7 February 2018
 Dear Imogen Thank you for a lovely Masterclass last night at the RAM. I really enjoyed all performances and your playing. All the pieces were wonderful but the Haydn I have tried to play myself and was able to make my own notes especially on speed on the opening and the last chord of this sonata. A nice break for a cup of tea , I think. I hope you do more masterclasses . Thank you Philip
Jim Bruce, Dublin
30 November 2017
I came across your Ottavo recordings of Schubert in an old edition of the Penguin Guide. The reviews were so good I had to investigate. Suffice to say that yours are best interpretations of my favourite composer's piano music I have ever heard. If it is not too 'purple prosy', you are in touch with Schubert's soul when you play. It is my ardent hope that I will live to hear you play in concert.
Nicholas Clapton, Oxford
30 September 2017
Thank you again for the utterly fabulous recital at All Souls' tonight.
Bronwyn Lee-Coward
19 August 2017
Dear Imogen, Thank you for one of the best Piano Recital's I have attended for a very long time with the SSO. Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2 in B Flat, Op.19 was totally enthralling and the experience will stay with me for forever. I can still hear it now even though we have returned home. You have a new fan.