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  • BBC Music Magazine March 2017

    07 December 2017



  • Works by Clara and Robert Schumann

    01 December 2017

    Record reviews

    “Cooper asserts her stylistic credentials right at the start of the disc in Robert's Humoreske, playing with a warm, golden tone and fluidly finding that distinction between the extrovert and introvert traits that were key to Schumann's musical personality – identified by him as the outgoing Florestan and the musing Eusebius who inspired his creativity.

    Cooper's articulation is clearly defined but also effectively varied in touch and colour, her phrasing in the more meditative music is mellifluous, a quality that beautifully spills over into the F sharp major Romanze and also into the Aria that forms the second movement of the F sharp minor Sonata.

    Here, too, in the sonata's other movements there is no absence of the necessary sinew and ardour.”

    Geoffrey Norris, Saturday Telegraph Review

    “Fresh and inspiring, her playing eschews any vestige of sentiment around the love song element of the programme – this was, ultimately, a tragic tale. There's a real joie de vivre about the vigour of the Humoresque's Florestanian episodes, even while Eusebius, the introvert and poet, seems ever present just beneath the surface. These two characters, Schumann's alter-egos, were after all two sides of the same individual. A rich, empathetic and beautifully calibrated recital.”

    Jessica Duchen, BBC Music

    “…It would be impossible, I suggest, to imagine a finer or more perceptive performance of the Humoresque than this: Imogen Cooper’s technique is fully up to Schumann's occasionally difficult demands, and her part-playing in this work especially reveals the composer's growing fascination with Bach's contrapuntal writing. But perhaps it is her poetical playing, so full of the most subtle and touching meaning, that will initially catch the listener’s attention, for it is all placed at the service of the overall conception of this great work: as just one example out of many, her octave playing in the Intermezzo section during the third part of the work is so effortless and expressive. If one might query the dynamic contrasts which almost immediately follow, they arise so spontaneously and so full of nuance that one is borne along on this outstanding artist's re-creation of the music. Her account of the fascinating F sharp major Romanze is both graceful and finely drawn, with genuine variation of colour where appropriate.”

    Robert Mathhew-Walker, International Record Review


    “Stunning, from all angles”
    International Piano, November 2015

  • Daily Telegraph, Australia

    01 September 2017

    Live reviews

     "Cooper brought poetry, along with elegance and plenty of heft when needed, to her performance"

    Steven Moffatt, Daily Telegraph


    "Beethoven’s pauses and switches between mysterious cloudy chords and almost Mozartean melodic lines were astutely judged, as was the tricky forward momentum"

    “This performance was beautifully structured with Cooper pinpointing the poetic highlights and maintaining the build-up to the life-affirming fugue in the final movement.”

    Steven Moffatt, Daily Telegraph

  • BBC Music Magazine

    01 August 2017

    Record reviews

    Imogen Cooper featured in BBC Music Magazine 

  • Digital Concert Hall

    04 July 2017


    Imogen’s concert with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic is available to watch online. To watch a trailer and for more information about subscriptions to the digital concert hall click here.