Imogen Cooper


Schubert: Die Winterreise

Composed by Franz Schubert

Performed by Imogen Cooper, Wolfgang Holzmair

Philips / 446-407-2 / Recorded at Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

Holzmair is throughout at one with the wonderfully resourceful and imaginative Cooper. Ideally balanced with her partner in a warm yet intimate recording, she revels in all of Schubert's onomatopoeic effects, not least the hoofbeats of the postman's horse in "Die Post", the stark falling of the odd leaf in "Letzte Hoffnung" and the howling dogs of "Im Dorfe". Of course other pianists have noted these things, but not perhaps quite with Cooper's arresting yet never exaggerated phrasing. Over and above that is the sense of two minds thinking alike and as one all through.